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BeiBei Zhang is an experienced real estate professional from Broward County, Florida. Zhang owns two successful real estate management companies and controls over 200 properties. Across more than a decade and a half in the field, she has worked as a real estate agent, property manager, and investor.

The real estate professional regularly donates to several charities, including the Boys and Girls Clubs of America and the Rotary Club. Organized a food drive for the victims of Hurricane Ian. In addition to her work and charitable efforts, Zhang’s hobbies include tennis and swimming. Highly creative, Beibei's interests are music, interior design, and mentoring.

Current Role & Duties:

Zhang is the owner of two thriving property management companies. She has worked as a successful real estate professional since 2007—her expertise centers in part on developing distressed properties for rental or resale. The Florida-based real estate professional also serves as an investment consultant.

As a real estate investment consultant, her clients include investors from across the country looking to buy, sell, or rent out property in South Florida and Florida’s South west coast region. As an investment consultant and property management company owner, she dedicates herself to delivering a highly professional service backed by over 15 years of hands-on industry expertise.

BeiBei Zhang is also an accredited common area maintenance specialist. Accordingly, she routinely handles common area maintenance arrangements for her own properties and on behalf of her clients. Common area maintenance is a charged-for service that is one of the costs billed to tenants in commercial triple net leases.

Career History:

Further to her expertise in real estate, Zhang is a trained marketing and sales professional. Before starting her career as a real estate agent and property manager, she excelled in South Florida's sales and marketing sectors.

As a sales and marketing professional, she ensures that products and services are being marketed and sold appropriately, that includes working with a network of sales teams to identify and understand ever-changing customer needs and requirements. Zhang also developed marketing plans and strategies to bolster sales across the board.

Her other responsibilities includes liaising with the necessary product teams. As a former sales and marketing professional, she can measure and manage customer relationships and expectations and strategize to meet the customers ever changing needs.

Academic History:

BeiBei Zhang was born in China. She attended high school in her hometown before heading to Shenyang for college. Zhang is a graduate of Shenyang's Liaoning University. The university opened its doors in 1948 and now boasts more than a dozen separate institutes.

Zhang is an Alumni of Liaoning University, the home to over 1,100 full-time faculty members, a history museum, and a 200,000-square-foot library. This library is stocked with some 1.5 million books. This and more contribute to Liaoning University being one of China's prestigious Double First Class institutions, affirmed by the Ministry of Education. The university currently offers more than 40 undergraduate and over 50 master's courses. These include Master of Business Administration and Juris Master degrees.

Double First-Class institutions form a tertiary education development initiative as a part of China's World First Class University and First Class Academic Discipline Construction. Liaoning University and others included in the initiative are deemed to be China's most elite institutions of tertiary education.

Zhang has further studied for and earned numerous sales, marketing, and real estate-focused accreditation including a certification in short sales,foreclosure, and relocation services.

Professional Skills:

After more than a decade and a half in real estate, and following her years of sales and marketing experience, Zhang has developed a broad range of professional skills and abilities. Just some of her many professional skills and abilities are:

Ability to negotiate

Active listening skills

Communication skills

Excellent work ethic

In-depth industry knowledge


Local area familiarity


People skills

Problem-solving skills

Time management skills

Understanding social cues

Professional Accreditations and Certifications

BeiBei Zhang has also completed academic accreditation. Those accreditations and certifications include:

Short sales certification

Foreclosure certification

New home expert certification

Relocation services certification

Certified processor

Certified property manager

Her short sales and foreclosure certification sees her ideally positioned to handle numerous challenges tied to this aspect of real estate. Such challenges include difficulties with unresponsive lenders, missing documents, inaccurate home value assessments, and expediting lengthy processing delays.

Zhang also has further accreditation as a common area maintenance specialist.

Charitable Involvement:

Zhang is involved with numerous charities, nonprofit organizations, and other good causes. Among these charities and good causes is the nonprofit organization CARE. CARE is a global humanitarian organization that exists to fight international poverty.

It does so by working alongside predominantly women and girls. Women form a central part of the organization's community-based efforts. These efforts include improving primary education, granting increased healthcare access, and expanding economic opportunities for all.

Backed by Zhang and other generous supporters, the Atlanta, Georgia-headquartered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization simultaneously strives to help fight world hunger. CARE now works in over 100 countries, reaching more than 170 million people annually through over 1,500 projects worldwide.

Furthermore, Zhang regularly donates to several local homeless shelters and food banks. The real estate and trained marketing and sales professional is committed to helping feed and support the homeless and less fortunate in the Tri-county area.

Personal Interests:

In addition to her work as a real estate professional and property management company owner, BeiBei Zhang enjoys interior design. Passionate about the renovation of neglected properties, she is a keen watcher of the television channel HGTV. The HGTV network broadcasts programming mainly related to home improvement and real estate.

She currently resides in Coral Springs, Florida, with her husband. Alongside interior design, she revels in various other hobbies and interests. Her hobbies includes tennis, swimming and interest in art, music.

The creative property management company owner is also an avid writer. She has written numerous real estate-focused topics, including property flipping, property sales, property staging and common area maintenance tips to the HOA management companies.


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